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"I began counseling with Brian once or twice a week following the loss of my beloved 17-year-old, Elizabeth, in a car accident in the mountains on May 2, 2011. Luckily, her little sister, my Molly, survived by buckling up. The pain is unthinkable, and looking back, I am lucky to still be here for Molly. I owe so much of my survival (literally) to Brian. He has been compassionate, kind, and truly supportive of any positive step I take. I continue to cry for Elizabeth and Molly's pain every day, but with counseling, I am rebuilding my strong bond with Molly and beginning to understand that we all grieve differently. I look forward to my appointments, confident that I will make it until the next. Thank you so much, Brian. You have been and are a saving grace in my life." -- Mary, Denver

"Brian's 'cutting edge psychotherapy' requires both keen observation and a caring attitude. It is the ability to grasp what is not readily evident. In my case, Brian, through discernment, was able to draw up strongly entrenched thoughts and memories caused by a verbally abusive childhood. Thanks to his innate skills and training, my painful thoughts have dissipated, making a considerable positive difference in my life. 'Come meet him and let in the sun's first rays!'"
-- L.H., Denver, Colorado

"Brian has showed me different approaches to deal with my anger. His methods are very helpful and have changed me in different phases of my life, from my work relationships to my relationship with my wife and children. In just over 4 months my perspective on a lot of things has changed, from always the negative to a more positive outlook on life as a whole." -- Brian, Denver

"Brian Keltner provides frank, useful feedback about difficult issues. He is objective, nonjudgmental, and refreshingly free of abstract words and jargon. He also seems not to be wedded to particular treatment paths--other than to stress that we're all responsible for what we think, do, say, and feel. He gives advice that I have been able to apply in my everyday life. I highly recommend his services." -- Tyler, Denver

"I have noticed dramatic improvements in my issues with depression and anxiety after only six sessions with Mr. Keltner. He is helping me understand the roots of my issues as well as teaching me skills to cope with them. Learning to identify, challenge, and eliminate negative self-thoughts and limiting beliefs has been particularly effective. His compassion and non-judgmental attitude have added alot to the sessions. I have experienced clear improvements in my personal and professional life." -- James, Denver, CO

"Brian is a caring, non-judgmental psychotherapist with a wonderful talent for knowing what you're trying to say and then getting to the heart of your problem. No psychobabble here! He has a way of helping you see when you're trying to fool yourself, and showing a better way. He is helping me through problems in my marriage of 42 years by knowing which therapies work best for me. He doesn't have a one-size-fits-all philosophy, and he has helped me greatly with the right tools for my situation. He is fully engaged with his patients and I highly recommend his services if you want to live your life to the fullest!" -- Vivian, Denver

"My husband and I were on the verge of divorce when we began sessions with Brian. Years of infidelity, dishonesty, and an inability to discuss important issues seemed too much to overcome. A year later, we are still together and hopeful about the future. I know that without Brian's help, we would not be. Brian's approach was respectful of each of us and supportive of the positive aspects of our relationship. He probed beneath surface issues to reveal beliefs and emotions, and helped guide us to do that probing for ourselves. He was able to listen, get at the heart of what each of us was trying to say, validate it and our feelings, and help us to see the other differently while not making excuses for negative behavior. Brian is a gifted therapist." -- Suzanne, Denver

"Brian taught us to have clear boundaries with difficult people in our lives, and how to implement them. Our time with him has given us more peace and a sense that we can handle anything that comes our way. Thank you Brian!" -- J & E, Denver

"I would recommend Brian to anyone because he exactly knows how to deal with both men and women uniquely, he knows the mental tools needed to solve an issue, and he doesn't judge people. He has a sense of humor in the right moment, so that the time at his office is a wonderful part of life. Each time I've shared a problem with him, and after he has helped me toward a solution, I always feel like my problems are smaller. In those moments, I feel like I've submitted my old 'bad stuff' from my body and soul, and introduced a new force and hope into it. Also, every time my husband is at Brian's, I feel like he is in good hands. Brian has not just helped my husband and me, he has saved our marriage. It takes time to heal, but without Brian we would be lost." -- N.L., Denver

"I have seen 3 to 4 different therapists throughout my life, and I noticed an immediate difference after a few visits with Brian. I look forward to each meeting and I walk away feeling rejuvenated and empowered. The difference is that Brian provides valuable feedback and alternative ways of thinking about life situations instead of just sitting quietly and pretending to listen. I will continue to see Brian in the future because the visits improve my overall quality of life." -- P.D., Denver, Colorado

"I found Brian on my Employee Assistance Program (EAP) network, and I liked what I read on his profile; but when I visited him, I was hooked. I like the way he listens and really has amazing insights into problems I have. He also has a great memory, and really pays attention to what you are saying. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great, unbiased point of view." -- Dave, Denver

"I have been Bipolar most of my life. At first, the VA hospital was helping me. All of a sudden they said they could not help me anymore--too many vets, they said. I still get my medicine though. I was referred to Brian by a friend. Thankfully, Brian was able to take me as a client. He has been a great help. He has taught me more about how to handle this Bipolar condition. Also, he has helped me better relate with people, which I still have problems with. If I have problems come up, he listens and then is able to give me suggestions on how to handle them. All of this has been a great help and I am thankful to Brian for his help and concern." -- Vance, Denver

"Brian is a down-to-earth, compassionate therapist, whose solution-oriented therapy has transformed my life. My anxiety is gone, my work-life balance is great, and during each session I learn realistic tools and applications to solve life issues, work issues, stress management, and much more. I've been seeing Brian since May 2014, and I plan to continue to see him indefinitely." -- Samantha, Denver

"Brian has provided the guidance to minimize my anxiety levels. He has been a great support in developing my confidence and he's giving me tools when it comes to dealing with my resistance in confronting high anxiety situations." -- J, Denver

"Brian helped me understand the importance of boundaries in relationships--both setting boundaries and respecting others' boundaries. He also gave me exercises to use in managing anxiety. The few sessions I had with Brian were a great help." -- M.G., Watkins

"I have been seeing Brian on and off for the past 4-5 years. He has helped me with depression and anxiety in the past. I recently ended an abusive relationship that left me with the worst crippling anxiety I have experienced in my life. I decided to see Brian 2-3 times a week in lieu of checking into an intensive outpatient program. After several months I can confidently say that he helped me through the crisis period and I am now functioning much better and am mostly back to a normal life. I will continue to see Brian 1-2 days a week to work on deeper issues. I have full faith in his ability to guide me through these difficult issues." -- J., Colorado

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